Ranch News May 6, 2019

There are some very dedicated residents at the 55+ Active Community of McGavin Ranch.  Some of them are the ones playing Putt-Putt Golf.  They are out there playing Monday through Friday.  You can hear lots of OOHHH! and AAHHHs coming from the course, whether they’ve made the hole, or missed!

The other dedicated residents and their guests are the pickle ball players!  This active 55+ Community has four lighted courts. There is a lot of energy expended playing pickle ball, and they all enjoy it!  Sometimes there are all four courts going, sometimes just one or two. Children visiting also like to play with the adults they are visiting. I have tried to take photos, but, as you can imagine, you only get half the story!

Our 55+ active community of McGavin Ranch has joined with the Mesa Police Department to have a Neighborhood Watch here. A Neighborhood Watch is basically neighbors watching out for neighbors. Know what’s normal in your neighborhood, and if something seems amiss, then take it further by contacting the police, the Neighborhood Watch captains, or the Ranch Manager. If your neighbor is going to be out of town, or is a snowbird, take extra notice of their property to keep things safe.

There are requirements the police department requires, but are pretty simple.  There has to be two meetings per year of the neighbors, with at least half the residents in attendance, and then it is reported to the police department by the captain. The police department also wants you to be safe by locking your cars, your houses, and reporting crimes to them. They will also provide “ride throughs” during the nights, with more frequency if there are issues in the neighborhood.

There are the normal activities going on this week at the Ranch, with a special occasion on Saturday.  At noon there is a Ladies Day Luncheon to honor the ladies of the community, and guests. Catering is being done by Quinn Essential Catering, and is expected to be a great luncheon!

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