Doggie Park!

We now have A DOG PARK at McGavin Ranch!
We have removed the retention gate back by lot 22 & 23. When you walk or drive through the opening, it is located to the left. It has been fenced in with a gate & new lighting. Since Arizona can get little warm there is parking for your convenience, on the right hand side. So you can jump in the car or the golf cart with your furry best friend and let them enjoy a park all their own!
We appreciate Tim & Steve for building this little play area for all to enjoy and Kelvin for the maintenance upkeep.
There are two sitting areas to relax while your pup burns off some energy. You can guide them through the agility course however it has been designed to be easy enough for the pups to explore on their own.
Remember our lovable pups are not husbands and do not have apposable thumbs so they can’t actually pick up after themselves! With that in mind we have provided a dog potty pole with bags and a trash can. Please let someone in the office know if they need to be restocked.
We want to make sure the pups get enough water while they play so we have created a drinking station just for them. But don’t forget to bring something for yourself!
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