February 24, 2020

Good Morning!!  Last week of February…the year is going by quickly!  Soon we’ll be complaining about the heat!

Great Bingo on Friday!  Good turnout and fun!  Bingo happens the first and third Friday of each month at 6pm.  The cost of a card is $14, but the last pot was over $100 last week!  You never know when you’ll be the one!!

We have Creative Hands happening this morning, and every Monday morning.  It’s a chance for people who sew, quilt, or have handmade projects to gather in the clubhouse to work together on their projects and socialize.  Very talented people in there!

Mexican Train is played on Wednesday at 12:30.  I was never sure what Mexican Train is, so here it is..The object of the Mexican Train is for a player to play all the dominoes from his or her hand onto one or more chains, or “trains”, emanating from a central hub or “station”. The game’s most popular name comes from a special optional train that belongs to all players.  So, now we know!  You create a train with the dominos!  Still not sure where the “Mexican” comes in!!  Come join the players!

We also have a new event starting Wednesday at 5:45pm.  Tom Foster from Hatfield Medical Group will be here to lead us in a walk around the Ranch for our good health and wellbeing!  I understand they have great water bottles they give out!!  He will also be on Mondays, starting March 2 at 6:30am for those early birds!  This is a first, so the times and lengths may be tweaked to what we want, but let’s give this a try to start!  Be healthy and have fun!

We are having a Community Yard Sale on March 7th from 7am – 1pm.  There will also be breakfast burritos and lunch being sold!  Be sure to stop by for some special deals!

We then have a Town Hall and Neighborhood Watch meeting on March 10 at 5:45 in the clubhouse.  It’s a chance for the community to gather to learn about the old and new at the Ranch, and any update on the Neighborhood Watch.  Be sure to come if you already live in the Ranch!

St. Patty’s Day Dinner of corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots will be on March 14 at 5pm.  The “Old Dudes” will be providing some music to entertain.  Please come in your best greenery!  Who knows, maybe there will be a prize or something???

We had our first General Store event on Sunday.  It was a success as far as the sales and the fun!  We have some talented people in the Ranch!  Some very good seasonings from our very own Vincent and Deborah Mineo, handmade items from Debi McNall, Frank Ferrante had some great memoribilia, and Earleen had beautiful decor, and lots more!  We will be having our next sale on March 29, so if you would like a table, please see Kathi Mcvern #163, 970-640-2447, or Debi McNall #141, 480-353-6956. We are filling up quickly, and may have to expand some outdoors!


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