Ranch News. June 3, 2019

Happy June!  The weather is warming up quickly!  Time to adjust your activities to stay cool during the day.

Water volleyball is going on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Always a great way to stay cool, and have fun. Our pool is half covered also, so you can be in the shade!

The pickle ball courts are burning up with activity!  There have been people playing almost everyday, sometimes twice a day.

I’d like you to meet our Manager, Earleen Winters. She was on the phone, but told me she moved into our 55+ active community of McGavin Ranch because the price was right, and it looked like a neighborhood.

I also chatted with Gary Elliott, who helps in the office. He’s always happy to take our lot rent every month!  Gary and his wife were living in California and decided it was too expensive to retire in California. They had a daughter living in Mesa and came to Arizona looking for a 55+ active community and ended up here at McGavin Ranch. Other communities were pet friendly, but only on certain locations in the community.  Lot rents were also higher. They decided on McGavin Ranch and settled in.  Gary’s mother then also bought a home here in McGavin Ranch, so she’s close to her family. By the way…Gary’s daughter moved further away to Glendale !

I spoke with Kathy, as she was waiting for others to play Hand and Foot. Kathy is quite active here at McGavin Ranch. Kathy moved to another community in Mesa from Wisconsin and was living with a sister. She had another sister living in the 55+ McGavin Ranch, and asked her to find her a place to live here. So, 3 1/2 years ago Kathy moved to McGavin Ranch and loves it!  Kathy says it feels like home, there’s always something going on, like social outings, dinners, bingo. She says if you’re a active person, this is the place to be!

Kathy’s Hand and Foot partner said her husband came home one day 13 years ago, said “come with me, I’ve found the perfect place!”  He took her to McGavin Ranch, they picked out a lot, purchased a house to put on it, and the rest is history!

I enjoy hearing people’s stories, and will continue to pass them along. Thanks to everyone for sharing!

Kathi McVern

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